Global Trade Big Data Intelligent Customer Developing System
Global Trade Big Data Intelligent Customer Developing System
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    AI & Trade big data
    Global trade big data intelligent customer developing system
  • A complete set of global trade intelligent developing clients solutions

    Precisely clients developing

    Looking for potential high-quality buyers. Get the buyer's contact information and develop customers accurately.

    Trade chain warning in real time

    Monitor trading dynamics of competitors, monitor the order trend of old customers. Know yourself and your enemy well.

    Strategic decision basis

    Issue reports according to customer's requirement. Grasp the current market environment of your products

    Strength of cooperative enterprises

    To view the performance ability of cooperative enterprises through the data , as well as the accurate multi-dimensional description of enterprise portrait

    High rate of mails delivery

    Timing, delivering with circular mail servers, and other functions for anti spam. Tracking the status of emails being checked, and develop customers with a target.

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Provide trade intelligence research and analysis services for international trading companies professionally
  • Big data
    Provide big data intelligence support for international trading companies
  • AI
    Combine big data with AI to show the value of data intelligence
  • Developing Clients System
    Data+AI + Efficient foreign trade tools, TradeSNS provides you with a complete set of intelligent developing clients solutions
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